Remuneration Packages in the Darwin Port Corporation

Jobs in the Northern Territory Government (NTG) are advertised with a remuneration ‘package’.

The package in Darwin Port Corporation (DPC) incorporates annual salary + 9.5% employer superannuation contributions + 17.5% leave loading bonus + the value of one week extra recreation leave. Some other classifications are required to work a seven day / twelve hour shift roster and specific entitlements apply.


Most classifications have a salary range. Employees generally commence at the minimum of the salary range relevant to their classification and progress through the increment levels will be subject to DPC’s pay progression scheme.


The NTG contributes 9.5% of an employee’s salary and relevant allowances to an employee’s superannuation scheme, in line with the Superannuation Guarantee.

Leave Loading / Bonus

The leave loading / bonus is an amount calculated at 17.5% of the value of recreation leave accrued over the previous year up to a maximum, adjusted annually. Marine pilots do not receive the leave loading bonus.

One Weeks Recreation Leave

Most staff receive five weeks recreation leave per annum, which is in excess of the four weeks most other employers offer. Shift workers employed on a 12 hour shift roster receive six blocks of four shifts. The value of the additional leave is shown, should an employee choose to take this in cash. It is the employees’ choice to cash in recreation leave and should in no way be seen as mandatory.

(The National Employment Standards require a minimum of four weeks accrued annual leave entitlement to remain following the cashing up of leave).

Other employment benefits

Other employment benefits are also available and you may wish to discuss these with the contact officer listed against this job. Other benefits may include allowances, work/ life balance initiatives, flexible working hours, rostered days off and purchased leave.

The following links will provide more information about the conditions of service and benefits in the Darwin Port Corporation:

* Employer superannuation contributions do not apply to existing NTG employees with membership of the CSS or NTGPASS which are defined benefit schemes.