In the Northern Territory Government (NTG) we value the unique skills and experiences of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, and we are committed to providing you with equal access to public sector employment. We understand that the public sector plays an important role in the employment prospects of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory (NT), and are very much aware of the need to ensure that future planning addresses the issue of low representation of Aboriginal people in the workforce.

We actively pursue an Indigenous Employment and Career Development Strategy (IECDS), which aims to improve our ability to attract and retain Aboriginal employees through leadership, effective recruitment, career development, and engendering cultural respect. We work on these issues in a collaborative way to build culturally appropriate education, training and employment systems.

Finally, we recognise that all employees have the right to expect to be treated equally in all aspects of their involvement in the workforce. If you think you are being treated unfairly and unlawfully, we encourage you to take your case to the NT Anti-Discrimination Commission, which is an independent and impartial body that investigates and helps to resolve complaints about discrimination and harassment​.

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