​At the Northern Territory Government (NTG), we recognise that everyone is important to our community and can make a valuable contribution at all levels of the workforce. Our goal is to have more people with disability working with us in the NTG, and we run programs to actively recruit and retain people with disability and to improve your career opportunities in the public sector. We want to see our workforce reflect the diversity of the community we serve.

If you have a disability of any kind, we also know that we have a responsibility to be better equipped to understand and meet your employment needs. The Willing and Able Strategy is one of these initiatives and gives our agencies the tools, information and resources to help you fulfil your potential in the workforce. The strategy makes sure that all agencies are fully aware of issues around employing people with disability and helps those agencies gather information and develop resources to allow you to succeed in your career.

Finally, we recognise that all employees have the right to expect to be treated equally in all aspects of their involvement in the workforce. If you think you are being treated unfairly and unlawfully, we encourage you to take your case to the NT Anti-Discrimination Commission, which is an independent and impartial body that investigates and helps to resolve complaints about discrimination and harassment.

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