The Northern Territory Government is the Territory’s largest employer. It provides career opportunities and flexible contracts to suit a range of employee needs. There are many benefits of working in the NT Government where employee’s conditions include access to flexible hours, salary packaging and attractive leave entitlements. Specific benefits include:

  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Competitive salaries and superannuation – comprehensive leave provisions including six weeks paid leave, study leave opportunities and great flexibility.
  • Annual and sick leave – six weeks paid annual leave is provided per year and an additional loading payment is made for annual leave taken. Options for half pay may be sought.
  • Long service leave – after 10 years' continuous service you are entitled to three months leave on full pay. Additional leave is accrued on a pro rata basis thereafter. Prior service with other approved Government organisations may be recognised for long service leave purposes.
  • Paid maternity and parental leave – 14 weeks paid maternity leave, and up to 38 weeks without pay, is available after a qualifying period.
  • Special leave –  you can apply for a range of leave provisions including compassionate leave, in the event of death or serious illness; defence force leave; emergency leave and jury service leave.
  • Remote locality – if you live in a remote locality you may be entitled to a Remote Locality Allowance.
  • Length of service schemes – agency specific recognition programs and potentially professional excellence schemes.
  • Orientation including cultural awareness training – practices may vary across agencies, but your manager will introduce you to your work colleagues, familiarise you with agency policies, procedures and systems, and show you around the workplace.
  • Contemporary Enterprise Agreements  – support the employer / employee relationship and are applicable across the service, allowing flexible conditions across the NT Government.
  • Harmonised OHS standards  – across the NT Government.
  • Employment conditions that span the entire workforce – where equal employment is valued, and performance and ethics are shared across the NT Government.
  • Salary progressions – these are classification specific.
  • Flexible working hours – are supported and subject to your employer's approval, part-time work, job sharing, and home-based work options have the potential to add more flexibility to your lifestyle.
  • Employee Assistance Program – free, confidential and professional external counselling.
  • Potential access to study assistance – for example, study and exam leave and financial assistance.
  • Great career opportunities – where you can transfer within the NT Government bringing along your accrued entitlements with you.

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