The Entry Level Recruitment (ELR) service aims to simplify the process for entering the Northern Territory Public Sector Government (NTG) for base grade administrative jobs.

Registration for ELR is now online

When lodging your application you will be asked to identify your skills, experience and employment preferences, which will be matched to vacant positions. Computer generated application lists will be provided from the pool of matched applications to agencies for their consideration.
If you are successful, you can be selected and offered the position quite quickly (in some cases, within a week). Your availability to start work can therefore influence the selection process.
The new online ELR maintains a record of the job applications you have lodged and allows you to update your application at any time. You can also elect to receive SMS alerts to advise if you have an invitation to be considered for a role.
If you decide to apply for the position, you will be referred to the agency for consideration, along with other suitable candidates.
Vacancies can occur at any time. For example, a vacancy might come up when a current employee takes leaves or moves to a new job, or when additional positions are required for special projects, or when a work unit is unusually busy.
Generally, vacancies range from two weeks to 12 months (or longer), with some of the vacancies being permanent positions. Many of the temporary vacancies are for a period of 8 to 12 weeks, and will have a fixed start and finish date. Sometimes an agency will extend the period of employment, but you should never expect this will happen.

How to lodge online?

Go to the NTG Employment Opportunities Online page and enter 'entry level' into the keyword search.
When using the system for the first time you will be required to register and will be provided a login. Please keep your login details in a safe place.
You will need to attach an electronic copy of your resume to your application.

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