​Entry Level Recruitment information for candidates

Please read this information before applying for Entry Level Recruitment.


Entry Level Recruitment (ELR) is a service offered by the Northern Territory Government (NTG) to simplify the process of obtaining administrative work, at entry level within the NTG. The Department of Corporate and Information Services administers the ELR service through the Recruitment Services Unit located in Alice Springs. Recruitment Services maintain a candidate pool from which suitable candidates are provided to Government agencies, when entry level vacancies need to be filled.

It is mandatory for NTG agencies to use the ELR service for recruitment to all Administrative Officer 1 (AO1) and Administrative Officer 2 (AO2) positions for ongoing, fixed and casual employment, with the exception of AO1 and AO2 positions in specific remote locations.

The ELR service allows for streamlined recruitment into entry level positions, which means that vacant AO1 and AO2 positions do not have to be advertised, but can be if the agency requires.

The ELR service does not include recruitment for apprenticeships, cadetships, graduate opportunities or vacation employment.

The vacancies occur on an ad-hoc basis and may be located within many NTG agencies.

The ELR service is administered by the Department of Corporate and Information Services.

Types of jobs available

Vacancies registered with the ELR service are classified as administrative and may be based in (but not limited to) any of the following areas:

  • Reception
  • Accounts / Finance / Ledgers
  • Payroll / Recruitment
  • Law Court Administration
  • Data Entry
  • Tenancy / Housing
  • Medical Reception / Medical Records
  • School Administration
  • Tender and Contract Administration
  • Special Projects
  • Records and Archives
  • Secretarial / Personal Assistants
  • Asset Administration / Fleet Administration
  • Training and Development
  • Courier / General Services

Employment conditions and salary

Terms and conditions of employment will be in accordance with the Public Sector Employment and Management Act and relevant Determinations.

Salary levels effective from August 2015 are:
​Administrative Officer 1: ​Remuneration Package Range $52 093 to $56 542
(comprising salary $45 020 to $48 865, superannuation, leave loading and the value of two weeks extra recreation leave) 
​Administrative Officer 2: ​Remuneration Package Rage $57 260 to $62 339
(comprising salary $49 485 to $53 875, superannuation, leave loading and the value of two weeks extra recreation leave)

Casual employees are paid an hourly rate as specified in the relevant Determination.

About the vacancies

How often do vacancies occur?

Vacancies can occur at any time.

Vacancies occur when government employees take leave and / or change positions; they may be required for special projects; or because a work unit is unusually busy.

How long are the vacancies?

Vacancies can range from two weeks to 12 months (or longer) for both AO1 and AO2 positions, with some vacancies being for ongoing positions. Many of the fixed term vacancies are for a period of 8 to 12 weeks.

Fixed vacancies have a start and finish date. Sometimes an agency might extend the period of employment, however you should never have an expectation that this will occur.

When are vacancies registered?

NTG agencies register vacancies with Recruitment Services as and when required. The recruitment process has been streamlined, and the successful candidate can be selected and commenced quite quickly, for example, within a week. Your availability to commence employment may influence the selection process.

ELR registration

Who can register?

The ELR service is open to all persons, including:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • people with disabilities
  • minority groups
  • overseas candidates who possess an appropriate Australian Working Visa
  • existing NT Government employees at AO1 and AO2 levels
  • existing NT Government employees in other streams of employment, up to the equivalent of an AO2 level.

Who cannot register?

Former employees of the NTG who received a redundancy payment within the last two years are not eligible to register with the ELR service.

Can I re-register once I’ve completed a contract?

You will remain on the database even if you are successful in gaining employment through the program. You will be prompted via email to re-confirm your application details if required

Are skills and experience required?

ELR candidates do not require specific skills or experience. Candidates are assessed on their ability to undertake the duties of the position and their potential for development.

How to register

Applications for Entry Level Recruitment are now online.

Benefits of the new online system include automated skill matching to jobs, computer generated applicant matched lists, SMS alerts and the ability to easily update applications.

When using the system for the first time you will be required to register, and must keep your login details in a safe place.

You will need to attach an electronic copy of your resume to your application. 

Keep your details up to date

ELR candidates are responsible for updating their profile as these circumstances could affect employment opportunities, for example:

  • newly acquired skills or work experience, or
  • changes in contact details (for example, contact telephone number, postal address, etc).

You can update your details online.

ELR process

  1. Read the Candidate Guidelines and complete your Entry Level Recruitment application online and attach your up-to-date resume (which details your work experience).
  2. When your application is received, Recruitment Services will send you an acknowledgement letter. Your details will then be included in the ELR candidate pool. This includes your employment preferences for the level and location of vacancies. You may select multiple options when responding to these questions, to increase your chance of employment.
  3. When a vacancy becomes available, the agency will contact Recruitment Services and request a list of potential candidates to be referred to them for consideration. The list is compiled from the candidate pool in accordance with the selection criteria for the vacancy, which may cover a range of administrative skills (as listed on your Registration Form and evidenced in your resume).
  4. If your skills and experience match those required for the vacancy, and the vacancy details correspond with your employment preferences, you will receive an email to confirm your availability and interest in the position. If you agree, you will be referred to the agency for consideration along with other suitable candidates. A copy of your resume is sent to the agency, so it is important to keep your information up to date.
  5. The agency will compare the skills and experience of each candidate to the selection criteria for the vacancy, and undertake further assessment if required. This may include an interview.
    • If you are not selected for further assessment / interview you will not be contacted by the agency, nor will you receive any type of written notification. Your details will remain in the ELR candidate pool and you will continue to be considered for future vacancies.
    • If you are selected for further assessment / interview, the agency will contact you directly to make the arrangements.
    • If you undertake further assessment / interview and are unsuccessful, the employing agency will contact you advising of the outcome. Your details will remain in the ELR candidate pool and you will continue to be considered for future vacancies.
    • If you are successful, the employing agency will verbally advise you of the outcome and confirm a start date, time and place. The agency will liaise with Employment Services so that your employment offer can be prepared and is available for you to sign at your commencement.
  6. When you accept the offer of employment, you will either be contacted to arrange an appointment to complete the recruitment paperwork or the information will be sent to you via email. Before you can be employed, you will be required to provide documentation such as your birth certificate, passport/visa and drivers licence (if applicable). This will be listed in your letter.

Onging employment and appeals

When an ELR candidate is selected for an ongoing position, their name is published on the NT Government’s Employment Opportunities website.

The position is identified as being filled through the ELR service. Where the position is identified as being a promotion, ELR candidates who are currently employed in NTG may have the right of appeal. View Promotion Appeals for further information.

More information

Recruitment Services
Department of Corporate and Information Services
t: 1300 659 247
e: recruitmententrylevel@nt.gov.au  
w: http://www.nt.gov.au/jobs

Registration with the NT Government's Entry Level Recruitment service does not guarantee employment.