The Aboriginal Employment Opportunities (AEO) Register is an ongoing recruitment drive within the NT Government, similar to the Entry Level Recruitment program. AEO covers AO3 to SAO2 classifications, and is open to Aboriginal NT Government staff and public job seekers to be considered vacancies less than six months.

Primary objective

The Aboriginal Employment Opportunities Register has been created as a key Northern Territory Government initiative. The register is designed to assist with achieving Aboriginal employment targets in the current Indigenous Employment and Career Development Strategy. The register addresses two key themes

  1. to attract and retain Aboriginal people within NT Government
  2. and build capability to develop careers.

Key points

  1. Applicants are encouraged to register throughout the year, with registrations expiring after a six month period.
  2. This is a register, not a job vacancy advertisement.
  3. Encourages career development and progression.
  4. Agencies can source potential applicants at the level required based on skills match through the AEO register, by submitting an RP request to the EPU team.
    Agency specific recruitment guidelines apply.
  5. Merit selection principles apply.
  6. At any stage, AEO job seekers can call the EPU team and check if they've been referred and shortlisted for potential opportunities.

Internal staff are also encouraged to register if they are looking for an opportunity to expand and develop their knowledge and skills in other area's to progress their careers, or simply want to try something different.

Any queries please contact the EPU team; they are only too happy to answer questions, or provide guidance