NTG Aboriginal Cadetship Support Program Health

Beau Cubillo - Indigenous Cadet, Bachelor of Dietetics and Nutrition, Department of HealthBeau Cubillo - Aboriginal Cadet
Bachelor of Dietetics and Nutrition
Department of Health

The Northern Territory Government (NTG) Aboriginal Cadetship Support (ACS) Program offers cadetships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

The Aboriginal Cadetship Support Program is a career development program, which enables students undertaking an undergraduate degree to gain the professional qualifications and work experience needed for a range of jobs in the NTG.

The Aboriginal Cadetship Support Program involves students studying full-time, in their first undergraduate degree and working in the respective agencies during the major semester breaks as part of the on-the-job component of the program.


To be eligible for the ACS program students must:

  • be of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • be enrolled (or have a letter of acceptance) for full-time study occurring on campus at a university located in Australia for his or her first undergraduate degree course; or
  • be undertaking his or her first combined undergraduate degree course (Example: Bachelor of Arts/Law or Bachelor of Science/Economics) or
  • be undertaking an Honours/Masters year as part of his or her undergraduate degree.

Salary and conditions

The Aboriginal Cadetship Support Program offers:

  • study allowance of $12 000 ($600 per fortnight) each year while you are studying full-time
  • higher education loan program (HELP) fees paid on passed units
  • 12 weeks work placement each year at the Administrative Officer 2 Level ($50 970)
  • $1000 allowance for text books each year.


Applications for the NTG Aboriginal Cadetship Support Program Health are open all year round and kept on a register of interest, with NTG agencies having the ability to recruit as they need throughout the year.

Required documentation

At time of application, the following documents are required to be provided/submitted by the applicant:  

  • complete an online application form
  • respond to the selection criteria as set out in the recruitment information handbook
  • an up-to-date resume with two referees
  • proof of enrolment or a letter of acceptance a letter of acceptance in an approved course of study at the degree level
  • certified copies of school or university results from the past year
  • provide confirmation of aboriginality.

Contact information

Employment Programs Unit
Department of Corporate and Information Services
GPO Box 2391 Darwin NT 0801
Phone: (08) 8999 4164
Email: employmentprograms@nt.gov.au
Web: www.employmentprograms.nt.gov.au