​Australia is a unique and diverse country in every way - in culture, population, climate, geography, and history.

About Darwin

Darwin was founded as Australia’s most northerly port in 1869, and its population surged after gold was discovered at nearby Pine Creek in 1871.

The Macassan of eastern Indonesia who sailed down from the Spice Islands on the trade winds to gather prized trepang are thought to have been the first non-Indigenous  people to set foot on Northern Territory soil. Dutch explorer William Jootszoon van Colster recorded the first official sighting from his tallship Arnhem in 1623 - but the Macassans and other seafarers are thought to have visited long before then.

The 1880s gold discoveries lured an influx of Chinese fortune-seekers and Malay, Filipino and Japanese divers were brought to the territory to collect mother-of-pearl shell. Greek people also came in large numbers and, together with their fellow European and Asian immigrants, helped create the multicultural city that Darwin is today.

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