​If you’re an international applicant looking for a job in the Northern Territory Government (NTG), you need to understand how your residency status or visa is going to affect your options.

Permanent employment within the NTG is available only to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

If you aren’t eligible for permanent employment, you can apply for any temporary positions that might come up, but you must hold a visa that allows you to work in Australia.

You can get more information about visas and migration programs from Business and Skilled Migration, which is part of the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation. They won’t be able to provide you with advice about NTG recruitment or job vacancies, but they can give you a bit of background about migration and career options in the Northern Territory.

For specific advice and information about permanent or temporary entry to Australia, and to find out more about what’s involved in the settlement of migrants and refugees, you should contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Finally, it is important to realise that if you are thinking about migrating to Australia as a skilled migrant, you must provide evidence that your skills are suitable for your nominated occupation. To find out how you can get an assessment of your qualifications and any skills or experience that you have gained overseas, please refer to the Australian Skills Recognition Information website.

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